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There is a hormone in your blood called dihydrotestoteroneDHTwhich causes your prostate to growDrugs like dutasteride prevent the formation of DHT in your bodycausing an enlarged prostate to shrink.

Erectile dysfunction is a very common problem in men with high blood pressureMany of the drugs Order floxin otic solution used to treat hypertensionsuch as calcium channel blockers and beta-blockersmay also cause ed.

The man’s central nervous system stimulates the release of a number of chemicalsincluding nitric oxidewhich is essential for producing and maintaining an erectionNitric oxide stimulates the production of cyclic GMPa chemical that relaxes the smooth muscles in the penisThis allows blood to flow into the tiny pool-like cavernous sinusesflooding the penisThis increased blood flow nearly doubles the diameter of the spongy chambersThe veins surrounding the chambers are squeezed almost completely shut by this pressureThe veins are unable to drain blood out of the penis and so the penis becomes rigid and erectAfter ejaculation or climaxcyclic GMP is broken down by an enzyme called phosphodiesterase-5pde5causing the penis to become flaccidunerectagainImportant substances for erectile health.

Some minor side effects noticed in patients taking this medication are abnormal ejaculationinability to have or keep an erectiondecreased sexual performancelack of desire for intercoursepainsorenessswellingor discharge from the breastsIt can also lead to some serious side effects such as sexual dysfunctiondepressiontesticle swellingdifficulty breathing.

The drug is usually recommended to be taken with the food or after the mealThe capsule is to be swallowed with a glass of waterDo not open the shell of the capsule.

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dutasteride also known as avolve, duagen, avodart, avidart, dutas, dutagen , and duprost is one of the world s most preferred hair loss treatment drugs.

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